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Blockbuster is No More

The credits roll, the music fades, and the lights come up. Blockbuster is no more.

At least, not like it used to be.

For those who havent come up for air in a while, Blockbuster just couldnt compete with Netflix, Redbox, and the like. It was purchased by Dish Network, and exactly what that means for the stores, the online site, and even the brand name itself, nobody knows quite yet. Before we all move on, I have a few things to say about it.

Maybe it’s because I have spent the last 6 months working with a team of 12 or so people to help revitalize Blockbuster through their online rental business, or maybe it is simply raw nastolgia as ever fiber of my being fights growing up now that I’m out of college and “in the real world”; either way, I cant help but feel sad to think that Blockbuster as we know it is gone. Gone are the days of driving around the corner, strolling through the isles, and pouring over boxes like looking through a photo album of our lives through rentals. I bet every person who reads this can think of not one or two but several memories that are placed so well by a movie. Maybe its a first kiss, maybe its the last movie you watched before moving to a new place, or maybe the first movie you watched after hearing some bad news. Regardless, movies have been event beacons in all of our lives, and seeing them all in one place helped give them a special place in our hearts, even it it wasnt as convenient as having a title sent to our mailbox.

So for every spur of the moment family movie night, every go-to 3rd date plan (and the success or failure soon thereafter), and for every laugh scream tear and cheer we ever put forward for a movie we took home from Blockbuster, I say thank you on behalf of our generation. Take a bow old friend, and good luck.